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 Temperature appearance >> The temperature regulates an instrument >> HYE series intelligence WEN KONG4 YI2
HYE series intelligence WEN KONG4 YI2
HYE series
The surface size:48 ×s 96 ×s is 100 signs type, openning the bore size:(45 ×s 45
Temperature appearance
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The HY7000 series intelligence gauge is the lately- develop high performance,high anti- interference,high credibility of our company of the intelligence type industry regulate an instrument.This product is practical to control in the automation, science experiment.
Two:main characteristics:
The emulation numeral has another the heavy wave, red and green double the rows figureses tube cent color shows the measured value and initial value in the meantime, the auto is whole to settle of without super adjust PID to regulate, so the parameter is all input by the front-panel procedure, having the feeling machine correction function of spread, having parameter to target function, from the orientation, from whole settle.
Three:technique index sign:
1:accuracy:0.5 classes
2:report to the police scope:whole quantity distance.
3:after the electric appliances exportation:touch some capacity AC220 Vs/5 As load.
4:solid after electric appliances:trigger signal>12 Vs, 20 mAs.
5:can control to trigger:signal>100 mAs.
6:power supply:the switch power supply AV85 V ~ 264 Vs, 45-65 Hzs, the line power supply AC220 V ± is 10%, 45-65 Hzs.
7:the consume: small in 3 Ws.
Work environment:the temperature is 0-50 ℃s, degree of humidity<85%, have no situation that causticity has no strong magnetic field interference.
Four:the importation specification:
1:K,E,J,S,B,T,N,R,PT100,CU50,0-80 the Ω electric resistance importation, 0-400 the Ω electric resistance importation, the 0-20 mV electric voltage importation, the 0-100 mV electric voltage importation, the 0-60 mV electric voltage importation, the 0-1 Vs(0-500 mVs) electric voltage importation, 0.2-1 V importation, the 0-5 V electric voltage importation, or the 4-20 mA electric current importation, -20 ~ +20 mVs(0-10 Vs) the electric voltage input, -100 ~ +100 mV electric voltage importation, -5 V ~ +5 Vs(0-50 Vs) the electric voltage input probably special thermocouple.
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