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 Discharge appearance >> Super voice wave flowmeter >> Then hold type super voice wave flowmeter
Then hold type super voice wave flowmeter
Handheld super voice wave flowmeter
Discharge appearance
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Have the price of[with] attraction very much
Inside place to refresh electric circuit and can continue to work for ten hours, the hydrogen refreshes pond
4 lines of Chinese characterses hold the manifestation current velocity together,in a moment discharge,total amount discharge,signal appearance etc.
The line degree surpasses 1%, for the country inside attain the super voice of this accuracy wave flowmeter first
Measure a tube diameter:15mm~6000mm
Inside place the data call register, can record date,the accumulation discharge,signal appearance,the work time etc.
The OCT outputs just,the negative and quiet accumulation pulse signal and the frequency signal(1~9999 Hzs)
RS232 the standard data correspondence connect, useding for leading a record data,the on-line net examination...etc.
The diagraph lies the quality as water,sea water,industrial dirty water,sour alkali liquid, various oil waits one,stable liquid
Current velocity scope:0~ ±s 30 ms/ses
The standard installs to hold medium-sized take magnetism to spread the feeling machine(apply the tube path DN 50~ DN1000s)
Can choose accessories:Hold small scaled spread the feeling machine(apply the tube path DN 15~ DN100s), take magnetism
The standard is large to spread the feeling machine(apply a tube the path DN 300~ DN6000s)
The small scaled π type type diagraph tube(can the on-line mark settle water meter, the accuracy reaches ± 0.5%)
The fluid temperature ≤ 110 ℃s
Physical volume:220 ×s 25 ×s 66 mmses
Weight:538 grams
The standard install:The host,hand hold medium-sized spread a feeling machine,appropriation signal electric cable,the aluminum metal alloy protection box
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