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Pressure appearance
The liquid appearance
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 The liquid appearance >> The intelligence liquid the can buoy liquid accoun >> The CLL122 intelligence can buoy liquid account
The CLL122 intelligence can buoy liquid account
Bear a heat type
The liquid appearance
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● Bear heat high pressure,the quality stability,function credibility.
● Adopt the series turns a design, various gearing methods, the practical noodles is wide, can be pack in various keep the bottle and the process bottle, various often press the bottle and pressure container.
● The intelligence turns the structure design, having parameter enactment and marking the school and breakdown to hint function.
● Two lines system 4-20 mA exportations of the standard, do not need appropriation two appearances, and can connect with the calculator  .
● Have up,descend a limit to report to the police function(can choose), after touching some capacity to enlarge can control the pump or the other lock organization.
● Have the temperature repair and software revises function.
Main technique parameter
● Measure scope:0.3-3 ms(special request to can order)
● The accuracy grade:0.5 and 1.0
● Output signal:the 4-20 mA DC two lines systems
● Supply voltage:12-36 V DC
● Mr. calls pressure: the biggest 16 MPas
● The environment temperature:- 40 ℃~s is 80 ℃s@point a needle type
            - 30 ℃~s is 65 ℃s@LCD type
● The work temperature:- 40 ℃~s 100 ℃s(DO not spread a hot slice)
             ≤ 400 ℃s(take to spread a hot slice)
● Lie the quality density:the liquid the p ≥ 0.4 gs/cm 3 ps one - p 2 ≥s 0.1 gs/cm 3
● Connect the liquid material:measure the room as the carbon steel or the 1 Cr18 Ni9 Ti rest for the 1 Cr18 Ni9 Tiseses
● The outer shell material:aluminum
● Link the method :inside can buoy DN50 PN4.0 the method 兰 standard DIN2501
            Outside can buoy side method  DN40 PN4.0 Corpus method DN50 PN4.0 The method  standard DIN2501
            Special type:BE choose by the customer
● The electric cable connects: M 20*1.5(inside thread)
● The protection grade:IP65
● Load characteristic:the biggest load electric resistance=50*(the power supply electric voltage - 12) Ω =600 Ωs@24 V DC
● Up,descend a limit to report to the police to order to output a form:Gather the electrode opens a new road a form, the biggest importation electric current 100 mAs, the biggest switch electric voltage 30 VDCs.
● In order to point the needle type 0-100% to engrave one degree manifestation, the D0 indicators the D1 indicator shows for the numerical LCD, the D2 indicators take the top and bottom limit to report to the police for the numerical LCD manifestation.
● Flameproof form,flameproof marking,flameproof qualified certificate serial number:

  Flameproof form            Flameproof marking       

  Essence safe type          The CT5 of ia Ⅱ        
  Separate to explode a type              The BT4 of d Ⅱ

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