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The liquid appearance
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 The liquid appearance >> The intelligence liquid the can buoy liquid accoun >> The BW25 can buoy liquid account
The BW25 can buoy liquid account
Standardize to engrave one degree manifestation can buoy liquid to account
The liquid appearance
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BW 25 is a kind of liquid that carries on the liquid diagraph according to Archimedes' principle to account.Can used for measure the openings and the pressure container inside of the liquid, particularly in keeping with under the heat high pressure condition usage.Can measure a variety to lie quality, such as the water,aqueous solution, sour alkali, organic with have no the machine melting agent etc., can also measure the interface height of of different liquid.

Product characteristics
Standardize to engrave one degree designation
The spot the liquid indicates in a moment
The HART communication connects, the 4-20 mA electric current output
This Anne is flameproof:Exia II CT3-T5
Separate to explode:Exd II BT3
Can choose a switch to report to the police and the convenience adjust

Technique parameter
Measure a density 0.45 kgs/l
Measure a scope ≤ 6000 mms
Measure the accuracy ± 1.5%
The biggest work pressure
Standard ≤ 40 bars
Can choose a ≤ 700 bars
Link a way
The method 兰 conjunction DIN 2501 or ANSI 13.5
Standard DN50, PN40
Can choose DN40/50/80/100, PN40;DN50, PN64/100
The thread conjunction R11/2"
The protection grade(indicator) IP65
Material stainless steel,钛 ,the  (can choose)
Lie the quality temperature-60 ℃s~+400 ℃s
The environment temperature ≤ 60 ℃s
The electric current outputs a 4-20 mAs

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