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 The liquid appearance >> The intelligence liquid the can buoy liquid accoun >> The intelligence type the dynamoelectric can buoy liquid change to send a machin
The intelligence type the dynamoelectric can buoy liquid change to send a machin
The can buoy liquid changes to send a machine
The liquid appearance
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A:The product says all:
     The LC3144 series intelligence type the dynamoelectric can buoy liquid change to send a machine is our company to usher in American FOXBORO, the technique and the original package 144 LDs of the German ECKARDT, the 144 VDs changes the intelligence type the liquid that send to the machine module's production to account, the interface or the density diagraph change to send a machine, the gauge promises dependable diagraph by the very high accuracy and the stability.Change to send to the tool contain the HART and the FOXCOM communication agreement, the FF the spot total line agreement, the 4-20 mA imitate quantity exportation, can show%, the mA or the other physical unit freedom set 态 , the gauge hold out for long time enduring, seal completely of the electronics parts box function that has to defend tide and bear air pollution.
Two:Measure scope:
The liquid level:300-3000 mms(the larger quantity distance can make to order)
The density Lc3144 LDs:100-1500 kgs/m 3
    The Lc3144 LCDs:550-1500 kgs/m 3
Boundary:The Lc3144 LDs:50-600 kgs/m 3
      The Lc3144 LDs:250-1000 kgs/m 3(the special scope can make to order)
Accuracy:± 0.2%
Imitate quantity:4-20 mA DC
Numerical quantity:Press the HART or the FOXCOM communication agreement, the FF agreement
Process temperature:144 LDs:-196-400 ℃s
          144 LVDs:-50-120
Environment temperature:144 LDs:-30-70 ℃s
          144 LVDs:-40-85 ℃s
Defend treasure marking:This Anne's type:The Ⅱ CT4 of EEx ia
          Separate a treasure type:The Ⅱ BT6 outsideseses of EEx d
Hull protection grade:The EXd Ⅱ CT 1~ T5s(DO not contain B  )
            The EXia Ⅱ CT 1~ T4s
Link method 兰 standard:
Outside can buoy type:Adopt chemical engineering department HG20592 ~ 20635 - 97 method  standard.
Inside can buoy standard:Adopt the DIN method  standard, the other method  standard asks customer to note.
Material:The carbon steel, stainless steel.
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