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The absolute pressure changes to send a machine
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A:our company produce of the HH1151 AP type the absolute pressure change to send a machine is my company to usher in the foreign advanced technique and equipments to produce of new change to send a machine, key original material, dollar the spare part and zero partses all derive from to import, the whole machine pass by strict construction and test, that product has principle of design forerunner,the species specification is well-found and install to use a simple etc. characteristics.Because that model was seeming to blend completely local and the most popular currently, and drive extensive usage of two kinds of change to send the machine as in keeping with domestic automation level of raise continuously with the development, the series' product in addition to design cleverly made and fine, also release to have the spot total the line negotiate of the intelligence turn function.
Two:product brief introduction:Use the object liquid,air or steam measures the scope quantity distance 40-6.7-37.4 kPases absolute pressure(0-50-280 mmHgs absolute pressure) quantity distance 50-33.3~s 186.8 kPas absolute pressure(0-250-1400 mmHgs absolute pressure) quantity distances 60-117~s 690 kPas absolute pressure(0-1. 2-7 kgfs/cm 2 absolute pressures)the quantity distance 70-345-2068 kPases absolute pressure(0-3.5-21 kgfs/cm 2 absolute pressure) quantity distance 80-1170-6890 kPas the absolute pressure(0-12-70 kgfs/cm 2 absolute pressure) output 4~20 mA dC power supply 24 V dC, having no load to change to send a machine can in the 12 V dC work, the tallest 45 V dC.
Three: Structure parameter: Indicate the form engraves one degree surveyor's rod to grow a 45 mms;Indicate accuracy 2.5 classes.The numeral designation form accuracy 0.5 class the dangerous place gearing separate to explode a ds Ⅱ BT5;This Anne type ia Ⅱ CT5;(Know well to see a flameproof type 1151 change to send the machine manual). Measure a distance and exterior consecution is adjustable zero:00;Positive,take move to ignore to output how, plus or minus move after, it quantity distance up,descend limit and all can not exceed extreme limit of measure the distance.Biggest is move:Adjust 500% temperature scope enlarger works of the amount of school distance 29-93 ℃ sensitive component works at the - 40-104 ℃s at the - for the least;Store the temperature - 50-120 ℃s super press extreme limit to exert 0(absolute pressure) - 13.7 Mpases, the pressure change to send a machine and damage;The method 兰 can bear 68.9 MPa pressure.The normal work pressure is big in the 3.45 kPas(absolute pressure) relative humidity 0-100% capacity variety quantity is small 3 damping time constants are in the 0.16 cms at 0. 2 -s 1.67 seses inside continuously adjustable.Start time 2 ses, don't need to prepare heat.The function index sign.(under the sistuation that didn't move the 316 stainless steels insulation film slice and other standard test)The accuracy adjusts the ± of the amount of school distance 0.25%, including line and becoming bad with repeat sex of comprehensive error margin.± 0.25%(six months) temperature of stability the biggest quantity distance influence the biggest quantity distance(namely 0 -s 690 kPas of 0 -s 117-690 kPas) zero:00 error margin for measure a distance of ± 0.5%/55 ℃ss.Include the total error margin of the quantity distance,zero:00 for measure the ± 1.0%/55 ℃sses of the distance.The minimum quantity distance(namely 0 -s 117 kPas in the 0-117-69 MPas) is error margin zero:00:For measuring the ± 3.0%/55 ℃sses of the distance.Include the total error margin of the quantity distance,zero:00:For measuring the ± 3.5%/55 ℃sses of the distance.Super press influence to add to press a 13.7 Mpas after, the error margin is biggest quantity distance of the ± is 0.25%.Vibration influence at arbitrarily the stalk heading up, frequency is 200 Hzs, cause of error margin for biggest quantity distance of the ± is 0.05%/g.Power supply the influence is small in output 0.005%/V of measure the distance.The load influence as long as the importation changes to send to a machine to carry sub- electric voltage high in 12 Vs. have no load influence.Install the position influence biggest can produce zero:00 error margin with 0.25 kPas.but can correct, to quantity the distance have no influence.Measure the opposite method 兰 of essence turns to move to have no influence.The structure index sign structure material insulates the film slice and row spirit/row liquid valve:316 stainless steels,哈 surname metal alloy Cs,receive is a 尔 .The method 兰 with deal with contact:316 stainless steels,哈 surname metal alloy Cs,receive is the 尔 O type turn:(lie the quality contact with diagraph)Fluorine rubber :The carbon steel plates a zinc electricity hull body:Low copper aluminum metal alloy TU2 CENG2:Gather fat epoxy.Lead to press to connect a piece the method 兰 1/4 NPTs;(awl tube thread)Deal with contact the thread 1/2 NPTs(the awl tube thread).The electricity conjunction use 1/2-the NPT thread carry on trial electric outlet of lead the line tube and the miniature banana plug kit.The weight 5.4 kgs.(DO not include to choose a piece) 
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